Industrial laundries

Feeding water

In laundries water is used in different purposes. Water purification is required to prevent scaling and to avoid corrosion of technical equipment. Additionaly water is used for steam generation. If water is not prepared correctly for washing process it may cause fast wearing of laundry machine and boiler.

Wastewater treatment

Treatment of wastewater and process water from textile and laundry industry containing high organic loadings (high COD and BOD values), acids, bases, salts, heavy metals and dyes must be optimally treated before discharging to the sewer system. We are offering combination of treatment methods which enable to treat wastewater to the sewer discharge limits.

Water reuse

Grey water might be reused after treatment process in water recycling system. Filtration processes and other purification technologies used in laundry systems are allowing to reuse water and in the end to reduce costs related to water use and wastewater discharge.