Watersystem is offering full range of equipment and wastewater treatment technologies from each industrial branch. We rely on verified solutions which ensure treatment efficiency in conjunction with their economy. We invite You to familiarize with our technologies dedicated to industrial applications.


Our basic offer includes:

  • Flotation units (DAF)
  • Membrane flotation units (hybrid flotation)
  • Membrane systems
  • Process tanks
  • Sludge dewatering equipment

Hybrid flotators

Hybrid flotators allow the recover water from industrial effluents which are containing high initial concentrations of suspended solids and oils. The

Chamber presses

Chamber presses work in a periodic manner. By the pressure exerted on the pumped medium (sludge), it flows into the filtrate flow and the formation of the

Volute dewatering press

Volute ring press is a compact sludge dewatering device, both for municipal and industrial applications. The press allows for fully maintenance-free operation