Circulation water filtration in cooling systems

Circulation water filtration in cooling systems

During the operation of open cooling systems, a serious problem is the occurrence of unfavorable processes that lead to deterioration of heat exchange efficiency, corrosive destruction of plant components and microbial overgrowing of cold store drainage elements.

To ensure safe and efficient operation of cooling systems, constant water quality control is necessary. Watersystem offers implementation of a water treatment program consisting in the protection of installations against the following adverse phenomena:

  • precipitation of insoluble salts and the formation of deposits inside the cooling installation
  • steel corrosion
  • uncontrolled development of microorganisms (Including nitrifying bacteria) and biofilm formation

To solve these problems Watersystem proposes : 

  • water conditioning chemicals
  • circulating water filtration systems
  • dosing pumps
  • control and measurement automation
  • water softener stations