Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)

Sequencing Batch Reactor technology is working with batching wastewater flow mode with treatment using activated sludge. Final clarification of effluent and excess sludge is conducted in the same biological tank.

Treatment process is conducted in cycles:

  • filling,
  • mixing and aeration,
  • reaction,
  • sedimentation and clarification,
  • idle mode and consecutive filling of the reactor. 

Technological layout of SBR is realized in one of three options: with continous wastewater flow, with batch dosing mode without retention basin or with batch dosing mode with retention basin.

Nowadays innovative modification of classical SBR method is usage of granular sludge bed which allows to conduct the process in more stable mode without exploitation problems during sedimentation and decantation what guarantees high wastewater treatment efficiency.