DAF microFLOT unit with microbubble generator allows to remove supended solids, fats, oils and other insoluble substances from wastewater by floating them on the surface (using extra fine air bubbles) and removing as a sludge.

Air bubbles in Watersystem flotation systems are generated by dedicated micro and nanobubble generators. Saturation pumps are simultaneously handling three processes: sucking atmospheric air, mixing it with recirculated liquid and producing air-liquid mixture with required  pressure.

As a result, the Watersystem microFLOT unit does not require compressor, injector, storage tank, air-saturated liquid tank and other auxiliary equipment. WATERSYSTEM water-air mixer can generate gas bubbles in the range of 1-30 microns, what makes the efficiency of the DAF microFLOT much higher than conventional flotation with a pressure vessel.

Flotators are made from stainless steel AISI304 or AISI316 and also from HDPP (which is characterized by very high chemical resistance). The simplicity of their construction (cuboid), as well as the use of the micro bubbles generator, minimizes the risk of failure and significantly lowers the operating costs. Devices are able to work in automatic mode, completely maintenance free.

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