Pumps and dosing systems

We are offering wide range capacity and pressure aggregates. Our equipment is installed in hospitals, water pumping rooms and in industry. We are building our installations using pumps from Pentair, Ebara and others.

Another group of products offered by Watersystem are industrial pumps and chemical aids dosing systems. 


Pumps and pumps stations

Pumping station consist pump, hydrophore system, piping, pressure switch, manometers and electrical installation. The station is used to transfer the water

Dosing pumps and skids

Pumps and dosing stations are used for chemical aids dosing in wastewater and water treatment plants. In water and wastewater technology dosing systems are used for

Diaphragm metering pumps

Membrane DUOTEK pumps are used everywhere where precision and reliability of liquid dosing is required (also chemically aggresive, flammable, odorous, toxic