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Recovery of clean water from wastewater by vacuum evaporation system

Recovery of clean water from wastewater by vacuum evaporation system

Rising costs of water and wastewater management in industrial plants are motivating to search for new technologies to recycle and reuse water. The vacuum evaporation technology has been qualified as one of the best available methods of wastewater treatment (BAT), as it allows to achieve the parameters required in production processes in a continuous manner despite changing wastewater parameters.


Our evaporative system allows for effective separation of water from pollutants without dosing chemical reagents. Application of this type of technology allows to reduce the cost of wastewater management by up to 95%. Very low electricity consumption is achieved through maximum heat recovery. The system is fully automatic, which allows to reduce the operation of the installation to a minimum.


The advantages of technology:

  • effective technology for the treatment of the most contaminated sewage
  • low electricity consumption
  • integrated system for cleaning the installation
  • compact design
  • single-stage fully automatic sewage treatment


Evaporation systems are used for sewage treatment in industry:

  • chemical industry
  • energy industry
  • metalworking industry
  • metal chemical processing industry
  • automotive and aviation industry
  • food and beverage industry
  • electronics industry